Taekwondo NB Inc (TKDNB) is a not for profit association that oversees the activities and practices of Taekwondo in the province of NB. The Association is comprised of an Executive and Board of Directors who ensure that there are appropriate rules and regulations in place for members to be able to participate in the Martial Art in a safe friendly environment. TKDNB is responsible to ensure that all members and schools abide by the By-Laws and Constitution set forth by the Association. TKDNB also organizes multiple training events, seminars, course, and tournaments that allow members to expand their experience within the Martial Art. TKDNB is a member with Taekwondo Canada which is our National affiliate. TKD is also registered with the provincial government as a Provincial Sport Organization (PSO).


TKDNB has a training facility that is used on a monthly basis to help give members an opportunity to train, learn and have fun with other members. The training center is run by a committee comprising of a Head Director, Coaching Director, Referee Director and Poomse (forms/patterns) Director. Each director will organize courses, development seminars or events at the facility to allow members to participate. All members that are registered with TKDNB are allowed to participate at any event at our training center. For more information on dates and information, please see out events page.


TKDNB is the sanctioning body for any competitive event to held for Taekwondo specifically in the province of NB. Any TKD member or school wishing to host an event must apply for sanctioning first with TKDNB and meet all the requires set out in the By-Laws. For more information and for application form, please go to our Documents page.

TKDNB is affiliate with Taekwondo Canada. For more information on our National Organization please visit: www.taekwondo-canada.com/